Welcome to Fourth Star

Discover and create your own Virtual Reality within the Fourth Star Entertainment and Gaming Metaverse, the new VR Platform for integrated immersive content and gaming. Watch the latest Science Fiction Movie in full 360 from the Entertainment Suite aboard your own ship and then hyperdrive to a nearby planet. Embark on an interactive quest and then invite your friends to take a break and select from hours of fully immersive entertainment content from your favourite channels.

Discover the Limitless

Teleport aboard the Genesis, the Entertainment and Gaming Mothership that transports you to the Fourth Star Universe. Explore over thirty environments, meet friends in the Café or spend the evening in your own Ship or Apartment and select your favourite immersive content from the fully integrated Entertainment Suite. Fly your Ship from the Genesis to an undiscovered Planet and don’t forget to dress to impress with your new Flight Suit.

VR Metaverse

Fourth Star is an immersive metaverse platform for gaming, streaming, and entertainment. Explore interactive environments, join quests, invite friends and access exclusive content. A rich virtual world awaits you!

Player Portal

Select your own personal Luxury Apartment or Spaceship. Customize your Avatar or search for your new AI Companion – a Robotic Butler, Martial Arts Sensei or Cyborg Lion. Browse content channels and access Games and Virtual Concerts, or just invite your friends to join you for a Planet Flyover and then relax with a 360-horror movie.

Creator Portal

Calling all immersive content creators to join our community and unleash your creativity. Stream and monetise your short and long form content in 180, 360 and volumetric video. Create your own channel and showcase your content in the event screening room or stream your fully immersive movie direct to the Apartments and Ships.


The Fourth Star Token is the financial bedrock of the Fourth Star Metaverse, the ultimate Utility Token that unlocks discounts on purchases for Apartments, Ships, Companions and Content. Token holders enjoy special ranking and privileges; VIP invites, Red Carpet and Early Screenings . Please see example purchase below for the ALPHA LEO AI Battle Bot. The Price listed is for illustrative purposes only and discount is calculated based on the FSTR Public Sale Price of $0.20.


FSTR Discounts & the Market

FSTR will “Pre-exchange” Public Launch at $0.20 and will always be worth a minimum of $1 on the platform. As an Example, when purchasing FSTR at the Public Launch price of $0.20 and purchasing an Item on the Platform, each FSTR will be worth a minimum of $1, ensuring a discount on purchases of 80%. When FSTR has a market rate of $1 or more, a standard discount of 25% will be applied. Please see the following as examples of discounts calculated for varying FSTR market price rates. Examples are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended as a prediction of market price.



Our journey started with the initial conception, engineering a proof of concept and then completing workshops with leading content creators from music and film and taking the vital feedback from our 500 closed Beta testers, the platform today has been iterated through Agile Development by a team of Solutions Architects, Designers, Concept Artists, 3D Artists, Machine Learning Engineers, Game Engine Engineers and Full Stack Engineers to today's VR Metaverse, User and Creator Portal.


Token White Paper

Discover the vision, technology, and roadmap that drive our project forward. Download the whitepaper to gain valuable insights and innovative solutions outlined in our comprehensive crypto whitepaper.

Executive Team

Greg Simon

15 years experience in international finance. 10 years experience in blockchain/Web3. Serial entrepreneur CEO/Founder. Columbia MBA, Former CPA, holder of multiple blockchain patent grants, fluent in Japanese, avid world traveller.

Craig Wiltshire

Executive MBA, PCG Design. Solutions architect for spatial computing and machine learning. Former IPC Europa Cup downhill skier and Royal Marines commando. Specialising in advanced AR/MR/VR eCommerce.

Michael Doran

Michael was previously Director of Security & Director of Engineering for Loyyal Corp, an industry-leading blockchain-technology company. Prior to that he was Team Lead in Engineering, for Apple Inc. His career includes multiple years at other leading firms including AT&T;, Disney, and VoiceBox Technologies.


Zhenbin Xu

Web3 and AI Advisor

Zhenbin is a seasoned technology executive with over two decades of product leadership and innovation. He is current the CPO of Pacvue Corporation on AI accelerated eCommerce. He was a former Senior Director at Microsoft. After Microsoft, he served as Chief AI Officer and the top technology executive for an insurance group where he led their digital and AI transformation and FinTech initiatives leveraging AI and Web3. Zhenbin has been advisor for leading VCs and companies on AI + Web3.

Thom Kozik

Incentivization, Behavioral Economics, Gamification Advisor

Thom Kozik's career is a testament to his expertise in incentivization, behavioral economics, gamification marketing, and the strategic application of blockchain technology, with demonstrated leadership in various sectors, including the loyalty marketing and video game industries.  He brings decades of success ranging from former President of Marriott Rewards,  Chief Product Officer at Loyyal Corp, Exec VP of Atari, and Sr. Director for Yahoo! Games, in addition to advising the executive management of Verizon, Target, and Allergan on incentivization and loyalty strategies, and the economic modeling needed to support them.

Paul Chou

Regulatory and Exchange Advisor

Paul is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Foundation Coin; was CEO and Co-Founder of LedgerX, a New York cryptocurrency derivatives exchange; was appointed as a government advisor to the CFTC's Technology Advisory Committee; has a passion for post-quantum crypto, financial tools for space, and AI implications for both.